C2E2 2012 News – SURPRISE! Marvel’s New Ongoing Series Is…



… well, actually, Marvel hasn’t told anyone yet.

But they have told us where we can go to find out!

This weekend at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as C2E2, Marvel will reveal what new ongoing series Matt Fraction and David Aja will be creating Saturday, April 14 at the Cup o’ Joe panel. The two previously teamed up for The Immortal Iron Fist and are back for a new mystery title.

The company’s keeping the title of the upcoming series and its star (or stars) secret until the convention. Marvel issued a press release recently teasing the announcement, undoubtedly to incite reader anticipation leading up to the big moment.

If you’re interested, keep your eyes on your screens in the coming days because loads of C2E2 coverage is to come!

If you can’t get to the convention, check the Marvel Events App and Marvel.com for the juicy details.

This article’s original version was posted on the Word of the Nerd on April 10, 2012.

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