Hey, Raven and Beast Boy, where are you? The case of the disappearing Titans…

Image source: Titans #6 (2008). DC Comics

I’m a big Teen Titans fan, and I like the New 52 series by Lobdell and Booth so far. Like a lot of people, though, I was taken aback when I saw that first preview image of what the new team would be way back. The one with all the “new” Titans looking really different from what I was used to. Wonder Girl has a hood, Superboy looked quasi grunge, Robin had wings and was flying, and… who the hell were those OTHER people? And, what was with the abundance of red, black, and purple in the costumes?

Well, there sure would have been more green and blue represented if Beast Boy and Raven had been up in that mug, DAMMIT! Two of the best superheroes are missing!

Where are they? Who am I going to go to when I need a laugh or a joke? Kid Flash? Please… Not on his best day is he as funny or goofy as Garfield Logan. And who’s going to be the weird, strange, awkward girl who acts funny and mysterious and stuff if Raven’s not around? One of those new girls? Possibly, but it’ll take some getting used to.

I don’t know why those characters are MIA, and I don’t know that they won’t show up later. After all, both of them appeared in Teen Titans #1, or at least videos of them did, when Robin (or Red Robin, as he calls himself now), was looking at footage of superpowered teens on a giant screen. So we know they’re around, they’re just not in the Titans for now.

But I hope they show up sooner rather than later. Beast Boy was cooler than hell, dammit. He changes into animals, he’s funny, and he brought something to the team few other members ever did. He was the funny man, but he was also the eternal manchild who never grew up, mentally, anyway. Physically, he grew a bit, but in his head, he was a big kid. Remember his child actor days? His friendship with Cyborg? His mullet that he was sporting in the 90’s? (If I remember correctly, Dick wasn’t the only Titan guy who was rocking the hair back then, folks). I remember all of it, and it was awesome, dammit! AWESOME! Maybe Beast Boy will show up in something Doom Patrol related, since that’s where his character came from in the first place, but I’d hope to see him somewhere eventually.

Image source: Beast Boy #1 (2000). DC Comics

And sweet Raven, the girl who struggled to keep her dark side contained and, in the process, repressed herself. I wrote a little while back how Ice was the reserved, shy girl of the Justice League, and I think that’s who Raven was in the Titans. I thought Raven was interesting with the whole I’ve-got-to-keep-my-dark-side-contained thing she had going on (although it DID get tiring how most of her storylines revolved around her accidentally unleashing evil into the world and then hating herself for it). I felt like writers could’ve done a lot with Raven, and that she was a nice character to have around in any case, as the team empath / telepath, or something like that. And her “look” was cool: the raven-shaped hood and blue dress with the cape. It was a nifty and unique costume. A little while back, it was announced that DC was going to develop a TV pilot around Raven, so it’s possible that, if that gets off the ground, she’ll be back in a BIG way. The company won’t be able to resist all the crossover promotion and marketing, I’ll bet.

It’s odd, too, that two of my favorite Titans also eventually formed a relationship later in their histories. I thought it was interesting, since the two of them never seemed to have much in common as it was, but I dug it, because I don’t know that Beast Boy ever experience much romance outside of Terra, and Raven could’ve used a guy who brightened things up a bit and kept her world from getting too dark. Beast Boy and Raven are examples of two Teen Titans DC’s done a good job defining (unlike poor Donna Troy).

They both got together, more or less, and then the relaunch happened. And now… who knows what will happen next? I hope to see them both in the Titans, sooner rather than later!


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